US imposes sweeping new sanctions over Russia’s war on Ukraine

The United States on Tuesday announced expanded sanctions for Russia’s war against Ukraine, blacklisting more than 250 more individuals and companies – in an attempt to influence Moscow’s options.

The U.S. Finance Ministry and State Department restrictions include former Megafon head and investor Ivan Tavrin and his company Kismet, as well as businessman Ivan Sviblov and his associated Fortiana Holdings Limited.

Others added to the sanctions lists include Expobank, owned by businessman Igor Kim. Expobank said that the credit organization was ready for this decision, so the sanctions will not affect the work of the bank, reports Kommersant. The publication noted that the sanctions also hit the company Kievskaya Ploshchad, which specializes in leasing retail space and hotel business. The company’s portfolio includes the Evropeisky shopping center in Moscow, the Radisson Collection Moscow hotel, the Food City shopping complex, the Depo Lesnaya gastro quarter, and the Central Market on Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

Not only Russian individuals and companies, but also structures in China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates have fallen under the restrictions. The purpose of these steps, as emphasized by the U.S. authorities, is to prevent Russia from circumventing sanctions, to influence its energy potential, its banks, metallurgical and mining sectors.

“The Kremlin is purposefully shifting Russia’s economy to a war footing, but Putin’s war machine cannot survive on domestic production alone”, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen emphasized. She said today’s sanctions continue to tighten controls on third-country suppliers and networks that provide Russia with the resources it needs.

“We will continue to use the tools at our disposal to hold accountable Russia’s crimes in Ukraine and those who fund and support the Russian war machine”, Reuters quoted U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken as saying.

The new tightening of restrictions was announced against the backdrop of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s visit to the United States on December 11-12.

On December 12, the Canadian authorities also announced the expansion of the sanctions list against Russia, including 30 more individuals.

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