US prepares to send military advisers to Ukraine

The US leadership is thinking about the possibility of sending new military advisers to its embassy in Kyiv, Politico writes, citing Pentagon spokesman Patrick S. Ryder and US officials who wished to remain anonymous.

“During this conflict, the Department of Defense has been reviewing and adjusting our presence in the country in response to changing security conditions. We are now considering sending several additional advisers to augment the Embassy’s Office of Defense Cooperation”, Ryder said.

Ryder pledged that the military personnel sent would not engage in combat but would only provide advice and support to the Ukrainian government and military. Ryder declined to discuss specific troop numbers “for operational security reasons”.

Politico’s sources say up to 60 people could be sent to Kyiv. Under their supervision, arms deliveries will take place and weapons oversight will fall to them. According to two sources, the new contingent will also assist the Ukrainian military in maintaining the supplied weapons.

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