The Talent Pool for Free Russia is an internal corporate university of the Free Russia Forum, which has been operating since 2020. Our mission is to create a community of activists, experts, researchers, and specialists in media communications who see future Russia as an integral part of the free world and are ready to contribute to the implementation of the democratic transition in our home country.

Recruitment for the project is carried out once a year. During the first three months, the selected participants take an online educational program in several areas, including political media marketing, fundraising, political analytics, journalism, and the coordination of communities of political emigrants. Participants who completed the online training will be invited to a two-day face-to-face session in Vilnius, where the program mentors, together with the participants, will develop projects that they will work on over the next several months. We can also offer some participants internships and study tours in public institutions and NGOs in the European Union.

Besides, the participants and alumni of the project regularly receive information about various educational programs and internships abroad, have the opportunity to take part in lectures and seminars of the Talent Pool project on topics of interest to them, receive recommendations from the organizers, support in drawing up applications and assistance in obtaining visas.

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