Leonid GOZMAN. Prison and war as a gift from God

You scold the authorities for repression and war. But you do not realize that all this is necessary for the sake of ensuring the unity of our multinational people.
Іt has always been ensured by prison. Would revolutionaries under the tsar, if they had not been imprisoned and sent into exile, have taught and treated in villages? And prison songs – everyone sang them. The true people are those who were in jail. Well, or imprisoned, or guarded those who are sitting. And the more people in jail, the better. Under Comrade Stalin there were so many in jail, and we won the war!

And now the Chekists are continuing the humanitarian mission of their predecessors: they imprison human rights activists and other intellectuals of all kinds, thus giving them the opportunity to understand the people and educate them – for example, to lecture their cellmates on the history of art. And there will be a breakthrough.

And we need a war. A long one. After all, it is during the war that people unite. Moreover, there, on the front line of the fight against the Ukrofascists, former prisoners are also fighting, that is, not only workers and peasants unite with the intelligentsia in prison, but already strayed fellow citizens with those who have not yet strayed – at the front.

And such prospects are opening up before our Fatherland that it is breathtaking!

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