Alfred KOCH. Strong solutions for Ukraine

Two years and 55 days of war have passed. On the front, everything is the same as it has been for the last few days: the Russians are slowly pushing through Ukrainian positions. Mainly in the Pokrovsk (formerly Avdiivka) direction. And in the north, along the Siversk–Kupyansk line, things are also very tense. In the area of Chasiv Yar everything seems to have stabilized (judging by ISW maps), but for how long, we don’t know…

Today, Scholz said at a press conference that in addition to one more Patriot SAM system to be transferred to Ukraine by Germany, NATO member states should transfer six more such systems to Ukraine. He did not give any additional details, but he probably knows what he is talking about. I hope so.

In Bavaria, two idiots with both German and Russian citizenship were arrested. They were supposedly working for the Russian security services and were going to carry out terrorist attacks to stop German arms deliveries to Ukraine. So things are complicated here as well.

Ahead of Saturday’s vote in the House of Representatives for the Ukraine aid bill, Kuleba and Blinken again said that neither Ukraine nor the U.S. has any Plan B, but only a plan to supply enough weapons to Ukraine (they call it “strong solutions for Ukraine”).

On the other hand, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius was much clearer. He said that despite all the difficulties, he still believes that Ukraine can win a war with Russia. In an interview with Focus magazine, Pistorius answered the relevant question in the affirmative, adding that Germany “must do everything possible” to do so.

Details of yesterday’s attack by the Ukrainian armed forces have emerged. They are that four launchers of the C-400 SAM system, a command post and a radar station were destroyed. That is, in fact, Russia’s most modern air defense battery. The damage is very heavy. Comparable to the loss of Patriot SAMs.

Let’s congratulate the Ukrainian armed forces on their great success, and glory to Ukraine!🇺🇦

Today Iran threatened Israel with an attack on its nuclear facilities if Israel tries to attack Iranian nuclear facilities. This is all the rumblings of the passing thunder. I think for the short term the incident is over and both countries will refrain from further escalation. At least that would be reasonable for both sides.

It seems that the main beneficiary of the Iranian attack turned out to be Ukraine. It was this attack that made the Republicans in Congress stir – and this is the result: on Saturday, the House of Representatives will vote. It’s too early to rejoice: even if the law is passed, it will still have to be voted on in the Senate. And how long that will take is unknown. Maybe quickly, maybe not. But let’s hope for the best.


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