At the rally of Orthodox youth in Mordovia they taught to weave camouflage nets

The republican meeting of orthodox youth took place in the Republic of Mordovia (RM), a correspondent of Kasparov.Ru reported on May 18. In its course the subject of “SMO” was widely touched upon.
In the foyer of Dramatheatre, where about 400 participants of the rally were gathered (mostly pupils), a stand was opened for learning how to weave camouflage nets.
Olga Zetkina, Chairman of the Republican Union of Orthodox Youth, told our correspondents that she hoped that the participants of the gathering “will make their own contribution to our victory besides the cultural growth”. The theme of the plenary session was “Formation of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values in the process of modern education of youth”.
The Head of the Republic of Moldova Artem Zdunov proudly said in his opening speech that Mordovia, according to Patriarch Kirill, is a real center of youth spiritual development in Volga Federal District (VFD).
Zinovy, Metropolitan of Saransk and Mordovia, branded Hollywood films as glorification of “evil demonism” and suggested that emphasis be placed on showing old Soviet films.
Note that the Republic of Moldova is moving by leaps and bounds toward the clericalization of the republic. For example, in January 2023 an agreement was signed on cooperation between the Metropolia of Mordovia and the republican Ministry of Culture, National Policy and Archives, the Ministry of Education, and the State Committee on Youth Affairs. Civic institutions and the Orthodox Church intend to work together.
Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church can freely visit educational institutions and even lead “Conversations about the main thing” there along with participants in “SMO”.
In April 2023, the founding meeting of the regional branch of the international public organization “World Russian People’s Council” took place. Its founders were Metropolitan Zinovy, Senator Peter Tultayev and Rector of Mordovian University Dmitry Glushko. All three of them joined the board of the organization.
It is worth noting that the lobby of the last rally included an exhibition of military equipment in miniature. The gathering ended with the performance “At war as at war”, presented by the theatrical group of the Church of Archangel Mikhail in the village Ichalki of the RM.
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