Alina VITUKHNOVSKAYA: “The real Russophobia is in Russia, not Lithuania”


I don’t know if this was a conscious provocation. Probably not. But the public reaction worked exactly as if it were a provocation.

The story came from a Russian activist now living in Lithuania. The plot: an elderly Russian-speaking woman was humiliated on a bus. Several stout men snatched her phone from her and started insulting her.

This story is presented as Russophobic. And in the opinion of the author and willing or unwilling provocateurs, Russian oppositionists, especially the emigrant community, should stand up in defense of the woman. And the emigrant community in the person of some individuals reacted. And for nothing.

The story is not political. It is just hooliganism. Shouting about Russophobia in the Baltic States (further on everywhere) was a common practice of marginalized natsbols, who certainly voiced a pro-systemic message.

This precedent is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies. It is their sphere, not that of politicians. To talk about any Russophobia on its basis is pure provocation.

And yes, the real Russophobia is in Russia, not Lithuania. Remember, or better yet, write it down.

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