Russian embassy in Vilnius thrown with Molotov cocktails

Unknown persons pelted the Russian Embassy in Vilnius with Molotov cocktails two nights in a row, writes with reference to the police department. The attacks on the diplomatic mission occurred at 2:15 on April 7 and at 2:46 on April 8.

Nothing is reported about the victims at the moment. According to law enforcement officials, the embassy wall was damaged. Police are investigating the incident.

In October 2022, the Russian Embassy in Berlin was thrown with cylinders and bottles of paint. No one was injured as a result of the incident. In November of the same year, the Russian Embassy in Warsaw was pelted with firecrackers and bottles of flammable substance. According to Ivan Nechayev, deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Information and Press Department, the police did not act at that time.

Last summer in Tallinn, police detained a man who threw eggs at the Russian embassy. It soon became known that the detainee was Russian journalist Arkadii Babchenko.

In August 2023 it became known that the Latvian government is going to send to the Russians living in the country, demands to leave the Latvian territory. The head of the Saeima Commission on Citizenship, Migration and Social Cohesion Ingmars Lidaka said that this would affect five to six thousand people who “have not attempted to pass the test for the status of permanent resident of the European Union”. That is, those who have not signed up for the Latvian language exam and have not submitted documents to extend the residence permit.Similar actions were also going to be taken by Lithuania, whose authorities sent out questionnaires on the attitude of the population to the Ukrainian conflict.

In November 2023, Lithuania started the process of deprivation of citizenship of the ballerina and actress Ilze Liepa, who received a Lithuanian passport in 2000. The reason for this was one of Liepa’s interviews in which she endorsed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and declared her support for Vladimir Putin. In March this year, Lithuanian President Gitanas Naudeda signed a decree stripping the ballerina of her citizenship.

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