Anastasia KIRILENKO: “The last straw for propagandists is to explain that Ukraine is linked to ISIS”

I recently appeared as a forecaster on the BFM-France TV channel. On the night of the terrorist attack in Crocus they called me to a special program. I turned on Vesti before leaving the house – there is still a TV series on, and in France the specials are already on…. BFM staff journalists say excitedly: “There will be an assault at night, terrorists are inside”. Then they show Bastrykin, who is already on the scene, safe and sound, the Crocus is literally on fire, and he is already in the basement of the Crocus. I said, “Well, don’t expect an assault now”.

The Islamic State is taking responsibility. At first, many colleagues doubt whether to believe it (the terrorists left alive, in Ramadan, etc.), and some time is spent discussing whether to believe ISIS. The whole discussion drifts towards ISIS.

“You know, ISIS – well, agree, but tomorrow the Russian authorities will say that Ukraine is to blame for everything”, – I say.

The TV channel was impressed the next day when the “blame” turned out to be Ukraine, and even asked: “How did you guess?”. Well, how… If the ghouls-uphologists from the zomboyashchik had earlier made Ukraine guilty of the pogrom in Dagestan and of supplying weapons to Hamas, why not guess?

A review of propaganda from Masha Borzunova gives a glimpse of the day Russia lies on. There are calls from influential Z-propagandists to destroy Ukraine. Also from the review it becomes clear: for these two years, despite all the efforts of Bastrykin, who with a magnifying glass is looking for biogeese in Ukraine, despite all the concerts of Shaman-Dronov, despite all the comments of ufologists 24/7 about “Ukronazis”, the authorities still have not managed to explain to the people WHY they started the war. Why they are killing women and children, why they are sending to death “Russian people”, who, if they are to be believed, are so dear to them. That is, people “believe and do not believe”.

Television consumers remain passive, they will not go to a rally against Putin, but Putin’s combat troops are still few, if we take into account the efforts spent on their creation.

Therefore, propagandists have the last straw – to explain that Ukraine is linked to ISIS. Taking into account that Russia Today, which was prematurely disconnected from the cable at least since 2015, has been proving that “ISIS was created by the West,” they have been pushing and pushing, but to no avail: the real terrorists hate the West too much and too often carry out terrorist attacks in the West. And Russians, no matter what TV they watch, remember that there was no “Zelensky regime” when the school in Beslan was seized, the subway bombings in Moscow and the terrorist attack in Domodedovo took place.

I would like to wish “good luck” to the s**beyevs with their ufology. Push, push, push, but do not burst.

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