Estonia called for strikes on Russian territory with Western weapons

Estonia will allocate 1.2 billion euros to supply Kyiv with modern weapons, and is also in favor of allowing the Ukrainian Armed Forces to strike legitimate targets on Russian territory with Western weapons. Such statements were made at a press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy by his Estonian counterpart Alar Karis.

According to Karis, Russia has “challenged the entire Western world”. “While providing military assistance, we must realize that in war we cannot prevent the destruction of military targets on the aggressor’s territory in order to weaken the enemy’s military forces and protect the lives of Ukrainians. Therefore, there should be no restrictions in the types of weapons we supply to Ukraine”, Karis said.

He also noted that Ukraine needs “more and better weapons” and therefore the Western world should speed up arms production so that Ukraine gets what it needs. “And we should do it not tomorrow, but today”, the Estonian president emphasized. According to him, Tallinn’s financial aid to Kyiv will amount to 1.2 billion euros over three years.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy arrived in Estonia as part of a business tour of the Baltic States, which began a day earlier with a visit to Riga, where the Ukrainian president called for an end to Putin to stop the war. In addition to talks with the head of state, Zelensky intends to hold meetings with Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas and Parliament Speaker Lauri Hussar, as well as speak at the national parliament. After Estonia, he will travel to Latvia.

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