In the “LPR” blew up the former “head of customs”

In the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic”, an assassination attempt was made on the former “head of the customs committee” of the separatist entity, Yuriy Afanasyevskyy.

The explosion went off in his house. According to RBC-Ukraine, Afanasyevskyy received multiple shrapnel wounds to his head, neck and abdomen and is in intensive care in serious condition.

The same information was confirmed to RT by one of the “LPR” special services. According to them, the explosives were planted in the former official’s house by a sabotage and reconnaissance group.

At the same time, TASS, citing an interlocutor in the “LPR’s” operational services, said that Afanasyevskyy received minor injuries during the attempted assassination attempt.

“Yuri Nikolaevich [Afanasyevskyy] is alive and well, in a state of mild severity. He has soft tissue injuries. His 21-year-old son is in a condition of medium severity – the guy has an amputation of three fingers of the hand”, the agency’s interlocutor said.

Hromadske’s source in the security service confirmed that the explosion was organized by officers of the Security Service of Ukraine.

In turn, the Investigative Committee in the “LPR” announced the detention of a suspect in the attempted murder of the former head of customs. According to the investigation, on September 3, a resident of Luhansk handed Afanasievskyy a cell phone with an explosive device, which went off after the phone was activated.

Investigators opened a criminal case under articles on attempted murder (part 3 of article 30, paragraphs “a, f, g” part 2 of article 105 of the Criminal Code) and illegal transfer of explosive devices (part 1 of article 222.1 of the Criminal Code). The detainee confessed, the IC said.

Afanasyevskyy is a major-general and an agent of the central apparatus of the FSB. According to “RBC-Ukraine”, he acts as a “financier” of the head of the self-proclaimed “LPR” Leonid Pasechnik. He also “laundered” funds to finance armed formations that were fighting against Ukraine.

Afanasyevskyy was sanctioned by Ukraine, the EU, the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and New Zealand, noted on the website of the Ukrainian National Agency for the prevention of corruption. The “LPR” customs chief is also listed in the database of the Ukrainian website Peacemaker.

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