UK imposes sanctions on Russian ministers

The UK has updated its sanctions list to include 13 people, including Russian officials involved, according to the British authorities, in the deportation of Ukrainian children. The corresponding update was published by the British Office for the Implementation of Financial Sanctions (OFSI).

Among those on the list are Education Minister Sergey Kravtsov, the head of the Culture Ministry; Olga Lyubimova, the governor of Kamchatka region; Vladimir Solodov, the head of Adygea; Murat Kumpilov, and the Artek children’s camp.

In addition to them, the sanctions list also included propagandists Vyacheslav Dukhin and Timofey Sergeytsev; Minister of Family, Labor and Social Protection of Bashkortostan Lenara Ivanova, children’s ombudsman of the Moscow region Ksenia Mishonova, children’s ombudsman of the self-proclaimed “DNR” Eleonora Fedorenko, Vladimir Kovalenko, head of the Sevastopol branch of the Yunarmia, Darya Morozova, the human rights ombudsman of the “DNR”, and Vitaliy Ganchev, the Russian-appointed head of the Kharkiv Oblast civil-military administration.

The updated list also includes former Russia Today employee Anton Krasovsky, but the UK government has previously imposed sanctions against him – this happened in March 2022. Krasovsky’s propaganda work was the reason for his inclusion in the sanctions list.

According to the UK authorities, the individuals and the Artek company, against whom Russia Today imposed sanctions, “participated in destabilizing Ukraine and threatened its territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence”, as well as “supported the Russian Federation’s program of forced deportation and re-education of Ukrainian children” or conducted business as a person affiliated with the Russian government.

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