Russia declares disconnection of Zaporizhzhya NPP from external power supply

The Russian military-occupied Zaporizhzhya NPP has lost its external power supply, according to the telegram channel of Rosatom, which operates the plant.
According to the statement, this happened due to the disconnection of the Dniprovska high-voltage power line, which is under Ukrainian control.
“Auxiliary power is supplied from diesel generators. The reasons for disconnecting the line are being investigated. The radiation background at the NPP site, in the sanitary protection zone and the observation zone is normal”, the report said.
The Ukrainian authorities have not commented on these allegations, but the head of the Zaporizhzhya regional military administration Yuriy Malashko reported problems with power supply in some areas.
“Problems with power supply in the regional center are not related to enemy shelling. There was a fire at one of the facilities due to an overload in the power system. At the moment, a protection system went off at another facility. The cause is being found out, and specialists are working on the resumption of service provision”, says the administration’s Telegram channel.
Earlier, the media reported about explosions in Zaporizhzhya during the night rocket fire.
ZNPP, the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, has been under Russian occupation since last March. Throughout that time, security at the site has been a concern for the international community, and now, amid reports of an imminent Ukrainian counterattack in the region, there are fears that the plant could be directly in the combat zone.
According to Reuters, backup generators to cool ZNPP reactors have been started up six times so far. This was due to shelling, for which Russia and Ukraine blamed each other.
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