In Samara a sick mobilized man was convicted as a dodger

The Samara garrison military court on May 19 convicted Vladimir Smailov, a 28-year-old resident of Zhigulevsk, and sentenced him to six years in prison for abandoning his unit voluntarily, a Kasparov.Ru correspondent reported on May 22.
Conscripted for mobilization on September 21, 2022, Smailov arrived at his unit in the village of Roshchinsky on September 25. On September 26, he collapsed right on the parade ground and was hospitalized. Military doctors were unable to improve his condition, and on 19 October Smailov left the unit on his own accord and went to a civilian hospital for treatment.
During his outpatient treatment Smailov did not hide and notified the command about his treatment.
However, the military prosecutor’s office initiated a case under part 5 of article 337 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Before his mobilization, Vladimir was a driver in the Magnit store chain, and before that he served a full year in the army and demobilized in 2016 with the rank of private with the military qualification of “senior electrician driver”. He then pursued higher education, got a job, got married, and took out a mortgage.
Smailov’s military ID card indicated category B – “fit for military service with minor limitations”.
He served in the missile forces in Novorossiysk, and there he developed skin disease due to the hot climate, wearing clothes made of coarse fabric and inability to shower daily. After his enlistment, Vladimir was diagnosed with chronic urticaria.
However, during the mobilization at the military enlistment office, members of the draft board ignored Smailov’s complaints about his state of health.
Meanwhile, the region continues to punish for “discrediting the army”. Thus, in May, the Avtozavodsky District Court of Togliatti fined unemployed father of two children Yevgeny Tremasov 15 thousand rubles. According to police officers in court, while monitoring the Internet, they saw the video “Zeroed out Federation with the dumbest army in the world”, which Tremasov allegedly distributed, but soon deleted.
Yevgeny told the court that he did not use a computer and had not posted any videos. The court did not accept his arguments of innocence.
Another Togliatti resident, speech therapist Alexei Arbuzenko, was sentenced by the Avtozavodsk district court to six years in a general regime colony for “discrediting the army,” “damage to property”, “vandalism committed by a group of individuals on grounds of political or ideological hatred” and for “involving a minor in committing a crime on grounds of political or ideological hatred”. The computer system unit and phones were confiscated from him.
In June –July 2022 Arbuzenko, together with his son, doused several Z-banners with paint and “disfigured them with offensive slogans”. The prosecutor demanded to sentence Alexei to eight years in prison, the trial was held behind closed doors. IAB-Info included Arbuzenko to the list of people prosecuted for anti-war activities.
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