Putin approves children’s safety strategy: non-traditional values are the main threat

Vladimir Putin signed a decree on May 17 “On a Strategy for Comprehensive Security of Children in the Russian Federation until 2030”, the Kremlin website reported in a mailing received by Kasparov.Ru.
The document was a logical continuation of a set of measures to protect children, implemented during Putin’s Decade of Childhood – from 2017 to 2027.
The decree states that “the Russian Federation recognizes childhood as an important stage of human development and proceeds from the need to create safe conditions for the realization of the rights and legitimate interests of children, protection of children from factors that negatively affect their spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical and mental development”.
According to the decree, Putin considers non-traditional values imposed by unfriendly states, as well as the negative influence of information coming from the Internet, to be one of the main threats to children.
The list of other common threats and dangers includes:
– high rates of trauma among children, leading to their death and disability;
– іnvolvement of children in criminal activities, committing crimes against children;
– a decrease in the well-being of children and families with children.
The goals of the state policy in this sphere are defined as: reduction of child mortality and traumatism among children, preservation of their health; protection and promotion of the interests of children and families with children in all spheres of life; education of a harmoniously developed and socially responsible personality on the basis of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, historical and national cultural traditions.
The Strategy is implemented in two stages:
– stage I (2023) – development of a plan of measures aimed at counteracting direct and indirect threats to children’s lives and health, prevention of infant and child mortality, child trauma, etc;
– stage II (2024–2030) – implementation of the action plan to implement the strategy and the development of organizational, regulatory and methodological measures.
Within the framework of the Strategy the President set a number of important tasks before the state authorities and heads of regions to form a safe environment for children.
But the most important role is assigned to spiritual, moral and civic-patriotic education of children, support of initiatives “focused on the formation of the younger generation of all-Russian civil identity, including the volunteer movement”.
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