A branch of the Free Russia Forum has been established in Finland

The initiative group for establishing a regional chapter of the Free Russia Forum in Finland has held a meeting in Helsinki. Activists and supporters of the Forum, in all about a dozen people, came to the capital from different cities of the country to take part in establishing the office, determine the list of co-facilitators, discuss further steps and formulate political goals of the representative office.
The main issues on the agenda were the establishment of a regional branch (representation) of the Forum for Free Russia and the election of its co-facilitators. As a result of the meeting four people were elected to the co-facilitators:
– Konstantin Kuortti, democratic Movement Activist (Riihimäki);
– Eiva Airaksinen – Antiwar activist (Helsinki);
– Andrei Savolainen is an anti-war activist from Vantaa;
– Yuri Scherbachev, former chairman of the regional branch of PARNAS in the Arkhangelsk region (Jyväskylä).
The participants of the meeting also discussed the results of the 4th Anti-War Conference held in Riga and exchanged their opinions on the forthcoming work of the FRF.
The Free Russia Forum continues to work to establish a network of regional offices in various countries. If you would like to take part in this work and become an FRF representative in your region, please write to us with “Regional Representation” as a subject.
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