Subpoenas to the army are coming to 35 regions already

Subpoenas have begun to be sent out in 35 regions of Russia, Pavel Chikov, head of the “Agora” international human rights group, said.
The human rights activist posted the list of regions in his Telegram channel. Among them are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Moscow, Belgorod and Murmansk regions, Altai, Perm, Krasnoyarsk and Krasnodar territories.
Chikov didn’t explain how he got the data, but Novaya Gazeta Evropa also reported that subpoenas are being handed out in Moscow. They tried to hand one of them to a Novaya Gazeta Evropa correspondent, demanding him to “come in to verify his military registration documents”.
The Russian authorities claim that the summonses are sent out to “update the military registration data” or to invite people to join a military training camp. The Kremlin described this as “common practice,” saying that it has “no discussions” about a new wave of mobilization in Russia.
“Most questions are raised by subpoenas for military training camps, which can be held only after a presidential decree. There has been no such decree, at least not published,” Chikov notes. At the same time, according to his estimates, the second wave of mobilization is still out of the question.
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