Mykhailo SAVVA – about Aleksandr SKOBOV

Aleksandr Skobov is a man of great courage who has a tough principled position. Even before his first arrest in the Soviet years, he was offered emigration from the USSR, but he chose to stay, which led to detention and forced psychiatry. Now Skobov has chosen the same strategy and is actively using the dock as an opportunity to say what he thinks.

But I can’t advise this path to other people, because it won’t be massively popular anyway, and the opportunity to speak out from the courtroom is very short in time. I once had a similar experience and realized: when you are in a cage and there are many journalists in the room and a lot of attention is drawn to the trial, your words will spread very widely, but not everyone has such opportunities. Stay free to fight!

Mykhailo Savva, a well-known human rights activist and expert of the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties, gave an exclusive interview to the Free Russia Forum channel. See the full version of the interview here

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