Igor Eidman: “Putin’s Chekist regime unleashed genocidal aggression against Ukraine”

Today is a locally honored holiday in Russia – the Day of Mass Murders, i.e. the Day of the Chekist. It can also be called the Day of Nazi Terror. The “fighters against Nazism” who celebrate it were engaged in Nazi terror and are now practicing it in Ukraine.

Some liberal comrades wrote that the Chekists were not the Gestapo, and Stalin’s terror was not Hitler’s. They say that the Nazis originally sought evil and killed on the basis of nationality, while the Bolsheviks-Chekists wanted what was best, i.e. the brotherhood of nations, but it turned out badly, as always (something similar was said, for example, by Dmitrii Bykov).

So, all this is nonsense. Stalin’s terror was largely Nazi in nature and was carried out largely on the basis of nationality. And the Chekists who carried it out were no different in this from the SS. Like the German Nazis, Stalin’s Chekists sought to destroy the cultural elite of the subjugated peoples. As a result of two waves of repressions in the early 30s and in 37–38, the majority of national writers, cultural figures and famous scientists in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other not only union but also autonomous republics were exterminated, and after the war the same happened to the Jewish cultural elite.

From Ukraine to Buryatia, from Kyrgyzstan to Mari El, the bearers of national culture and memory were totally exterminated (to give just one example: in the 1930s, most members of the official Union of Writers of Ukraine and the overwhelming majority of members of the Belarusian Union of Writers were repressed). And the fact that Stalin, in addition to representatives of national minorities, actively killed Russians, in no way mitigates, but aggravates his guilt. Here is a list of such terrorist Nazi campaigns.

1. Repressions against intellectuals of national minorities (“bourgeois nationalists”).
2. The Holodomor in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
3. National operations in 37–38 (against nations that had their own state outside the USSR: Poles, Germans, Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians, Finns, Greeks, Romanians, Bulgarians, Chinese, Iranians, Afghans and others).
4. Expulsion of “punished” peoples (Koreans, Kalmyks, Crimean Tatars, Chechens, Ingush, Balkars, etc.).
5. Terror against the population and the national liberation movement in the territories occupied before the war (primarily Western Ukraine and the Baltics).

During the national campaigns more than one third of the victims of the Great Terror of 37–38 were shot. And in total, at least one third of the victims of Stalin’s repressions suffered on national grounds.

So it is absolutely not accidental that Putin’s Chekist regime unleashed genocidal aggression against Ukraine and is trying to destroy Ukrainians as an independent people. The Chekists ruling in Russia continue the Nazi terror of their predecessors.

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