Free Mikhail Krieger!

Dmitry Gudkov: “I believe that all those who profit from the war and who contribute to it should be shot on the first day of hostilities by trusted representatives of honest citizens of their country, whom they send to fight.
I would gladly undertake the mission of organizing such a firing squad, if I were officially commissioned by those who will go to war, and I would see to it that it is done as humanely and decently as possible (for there may be different people among those being shot) and that all the bodies are buried (c).
I am sure that a buzzing cloud of denunciators and other investigators have now rushed to their computers: such words from me cannot not be taken advantage of.
The words, however, are not mine, but Hemingway’s. They are the preface to “Goodbye, Guns”.
And for roughly the same words the court today sentenced Mikhail Krieger to seven years in prison.
If Hemingway had lived in Putin’s Russia, he would have received the same or even more.
Krieger did not retract his words in court either. He confirmed that, yes, he would like to see the execution of the sentence.
A fair trial is wonderful, but even more wonderful is the end of the war. And if there is one man standing between him and us, Nobel laureate Hemingway knows what to do.
Free Mikhail Krieger! He said what many people are thinking:
“I am sure that our dictator is as deserving of such an execution as other war criminals who were hanged at the verdict of, for example, the Nuremberg Tribunal. The same kind of lying tyrant who has arrogated to himself unlimited power, with the same hands up to his elbows in blood”.
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