Statement by the Free Russia Forum in connection with its recognition as an undesirable organization in Russia

The “Prosecutor General’s Office” of Putin’s dictatorship declared the Free Russia Forum an undesirable organization.

Since its inception, the Free Russia Forum has brought together representatives of the Russian public, both in Russia and abroad, who have taken an uncompromising stance towards the Putin regime. Even in the comparatively vegetarian, “hybrid” period of Putin’s dictatorship, the Forum participants saw that it harbored the germ of fascism, and understood that a neo-totalitarian monster would grow out of this germ. We have always understood that it’s impossible to “grow” democracy out of Putin’s dictatorship within the framework of the rules established by this dictatorship.
But most importantly, the Free Russia Forum has always resolutely opposed the growing great-power, revanchist and revisionist ambitions of the ruling clique in Russia, opposed its aspirations to dominate other peoples. From the very beginning, the FRF was against the piratical annexation of Crimea and the proxy war unleashed by the Kremlin in the Donbass. Since the open unprovoked attack of Putin’s Russia on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the FRF has been advocating a decisive victory for Ukraine over the aggressor and for the expulsion of Russian occupiers from all Ukrainian territories they have seized.
The recognition of the FRF as an undesirable organization only confirms the correctness of the assessments given by its participants: a neo-totalitarian regime has finally taken shape in Russia, where any genuine, and not operetta, opposition is outlawed. Now any participation in the activities of the FRF, any cooperation with us is criminally punishable in Russia. We urge all FRF members still in Russia to weigh all the risks before continuing any form of cooperation with the FRF.
Nevertheless, we declare that the FRF does not intend to stop its activities, including on the territory of Russia. We’ll not refuse cooperation with those who wish this cooperation. But our main activity today, of course, will unfold abroad. And it will be aimed at convincing the Western public and Western politicians that Putin’s Kremlin’s aggression is directed not only against Ukraine. It is directed against the entire Free World and threatens the foundations of its existence. Military assistance to Ukraine in the forms that the situation will require is a necessary condition for the survival of the entire Free World.
Victory for Ukraine!
Freedom for Russia!
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