This regime is a mortal threat

Free Russia Forum statement about the terrorist act committed by the armed forces of the Russian Federation in Dnipro

The tragic deaths of dozens of Dnipro civilians under Russian rocket fire and the cynical boasting of the Russian military leadership of their “successes” once again clearly demonstrate the nature of Putin’s regime and its goals. This is the regime of fanatics and murderers who have rejected any legal and moral restrictions. The complete liberation from these restrictions is its main goal.

Putin’s regime is waging a war to assert its “right” to kill civilians in neighboring states with its missiles. He has no other “vital interests” that, if satisfied, could incline him to a “reasonable compromise.”

It’s impossible to buy off Putin’s regime or isolate itself. This regime is not an “objective reality” with which one must somehow live, but a mortal threat. We once again draw the attention of the leaders of the Free World and its public to the fact that the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine has raised the question of the ability of modern civilization as such. About her ability to curb the aggressor, to stop mass atrocities. To defend its humanistic achievements, acquired at such a high price, is possible only by breaking the back of the Russian military machine. How the back of the military machine of the Nazi Reich was broken.

We call on Western leaders to be open about this goal, to put aside their hesitation, and to stop being afraid to “provoke Putin to further escalation.” Stop giving in to the “red lines” that the Kremlin clique of maniacs and murderers is trying to draw. Military assistance to Ukraine in all its forms should be substantially increased and accelerated.

We also appeal once again to those representatives of the Russian cultural elite who have not yet come out publicly against Russian aggression. Your silence is aiding war crimes. It can’t be justified either by personal well-being or by “the interests of the preservation of cultural institutions”. Wake up your conscience.

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