Monitoring of prosecution of religious minorities

The purpose of the project is to create a network to monitor violations of the right to freedom of worship, which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and to create religious unions. This network will regularly collect information about prosecutions of representatives of religious minorities and the form these prosecutions take, including which legal mechanisms and state institutes are used to carry them out. The gathering of information will be conducted using both open sources (news agencies and websites of human rights organizations, such as, OVD-info, Memorial, Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners, etc.) and by getting information from victims themselves, members of their families, representatives of ecclesiastical parishes, and religious unions. Information will be presented on the Free Russia Forum’s website and other friendly platforms.

Results of the group’s monitoring will be released in an analytical report, which will be presented at the Free Russia Forum, in the United States Senate, in National Parliaments of EU member state, in the PACE, at other interstate institutes, and at the most prominent global human rights organizations.

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