Argentina to join aircraft deliveries to Ukraine

Argentine authorities are discussing with France the possibility of transferring five inoperable Super Etendard attack aircraft to Kyiv, Infobae newspaper reported.

Argentina purchased the Super Etendard aircraft in 2018, but they have not been put into service due to the embargo that the UK imposed on the country after the Falklands War. Buenos Aires plans to exchange the attack aircraft for other equipment, while France will repair and hand over the attack aircraft to Kyiv.

Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino discussed the arms transfer with French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejournet and U.S. presidential national security aide Jake Sullivan. According to the publication, the only problem with the technical condition of the plane is the lack of the necessary ammunition to eject the pilot’s seats in case of emergency. Buenos Aires plans to exchange the planes for drones and helicopters.

The newspaper specifies that Argentine President Javier Milay will attend the peace conference on Ukraine, which will be held in Switzerland on 15-16 June. Earlier, the head of state said that he would not attend the summit.

The Dassault Super Etendard is a French supersonic deck attack aircraft. It made its first flight in 1974. It was supplied to Argentina, where it was used against British ships during the Falklands War. In 2015, France withdrew this type of aircraft from production. At the moment, the Super Etendard is in service only with the Argentine Navy. A total of 85 aircraft of this type have been built.

Last week, French President Emmanuel Macron said that Paris would transfer Mirage 2000-5 combat aircraft to Kiev and launch a training program for Ukrainian pilots to learn how to fly the fighter jets.According to Forbes, Paris may hand over to Kyiv about 20 Mirage 2000-5 fighter jets, which are a modernized version of the fourth-generation Mirage 2000. These aircraft are capable of using SCALP-EG cruise missiles, which France has already sent to Ukraine, as well as AASM Hammer smart bombs.

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