US wants to impose sanctions on “any Chinese company” helping Russian military-industrial complex

Before the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Moscow and Beijing announced a “boundless partnership”, and since then the two leaders have repeatedly reiterated their willingness to further develop close relations. But now the U.S. believes that “it is time to put a price on the CPC’s (Communist Party of China. – TMT) unlimited partnership with Russia”.

This was stated by Republican Mike Gallagher, chairman of the House Select Committee on U.S.-CPC Strategic Competition. He co-authored a bill supported by both major U.S. parties to impose sanctions against Chinese military companies that provide material support to Russia. There is growing concern in Washington about Chinese supplies of components used to produce the weapons used in the war with Ukraine. Therefore, Gallagher said, “Any company that contributes to the horrors in Ukraine, as the Chinese military-industrial complex does, deserves to experience the full force of U.S. sanctions”.

The bill, characteristically called the No Limits Act, would give such companies 180 days to leave the Russian market before “full blocking sanctions” are imposed on them. A list of such companies will be maintained by the U.S. government. In addition, authorities are trying to prevent U.S. technology products from entering Russia through other countries. The Defense Ministry should identify export technologies that are most likely to leak to Russia via China and establish stricter control over them, the bill says.

Now representatives of several ministries are working in the headquarters of American microelectronics manufacturers, analyzing the activities of their “subsidiaries” and distributors. The authorities, in particular, want manufacturers to be vigilant at all stages of the path their products take, and check that all participants in the supply chain to comply with the restrictions, and with violators to stop cooperation.

Co-author John Moolenar, who will soon succeed Gallagher as committee chairman, said China and Russia are “working together to try to harm America and our allies”. The new bill, he said, aims to “strengthen sanctions on military companies in China that cooperate with Russia and help modernize China’s own military”.

Earlier this week, State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said that the White House is “incredibly concerned” about military supplies from China to Russia. According to him, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will raise the issue at a meeting of the G7 countries this week and during a visit to Beijing, which may take place next week.

Just 10 days ago, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen warned Chinese banks against violating anti-Russian sanctions at the end of her trip to Beijing. “Companies, including those in the PRC, should not provide material support to a war-mongering Russia; they will face serious consequences if they do so”, she warned.

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