Poland has asked the US for nuclear weapons

It would be expedient for Poland to seek the deployment of US nuclear warheads on its territory as part of the NATO Nuclear Sharing program, Polish President Andrzej Duda said in an interview with the Dziennik Gazeta Prawna newspaper.

The head of state at the same time doubted the possibility of starting a nuclear war, as it “would mean the end of the world.” “I also do not foresee the use of so-called tactical nuclear weapons”, Duda added, responding to a journalist’s question about a possible nuclear attack by Russia.

In 2022, Duda had already stated Poland’s desire to obtain nuclear weapons from the United States and take part in a nuclear deterrence program. This came after Vladimir Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons against Ukraine amid the AFU’s successes on the front.

Last summer, after it became known about Russia’s transfer of nuclear weapons to Belarus, Polish authorities once again reminded of their intention to participate in the Nuclear Sharing program and to have U.S. nuclear weapons placed on their territory.

Nuclear sharing is an agreement between the United States and NATO allies, which includes Poland, to transfer nuclear weapons from United States storage bases in case of military necessity. As part of the North Atlantic Alliance mission, the United States has already deployed about 150 of its nuclear bombs on the territory of European states.

Last spring, it became known that Russia had transferred nuclear weapons to the territory of Belarus. Kremlin spokesman Dmitrii Peskov later attributed such actions by Moscow to “security worries”.

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