St. Petersburg airport closed after drone attack

In the St. Petersburg airport Pulkovo, which is located near the site of the fire, introduced a plan “Carpet”: airplanes are not allowed to land and are not allowed to take off. This was reported to the publication in Rosaviatsia.

The reason for the introduction of the plan “Cover” was an attempted drone attack on one of the enterprises of St. Petersburg, reports the channel Baza. Before that, a drone was shot down in the Leningrad region, said the Governor of the region Alexander Drozdenko.”The air defense forces destroyed the object near the village of Fornosovo, Tosnensky district. There are no casualties or damage”, Drozdenko said.

At about the same time in an industrial zone near St. Petersburg started a fire that reached 1000 square meters. This is reported by the Russian Emergencies Ministry. Edition UNIAN without reference to the source specifies that the cause of the fire was an explosion.

The fire is in the hangar, at the scene of the fire injured 2 people, adds the EMERCOM, they are hospitalized.In the elimination of the fire involved 75 specialists and 21 units of equipment. According to the channel Mash, the fire was able to localize.

Shortly before the fire in the Leningrad region, the governor of the neighboring Novgorod region Andrei Nikitin also reported about a drone shot down in the region. According to the VChK-OGPU channel, three drones were flying towards St. Petersburg. Two were shot down over the Novgorod region, and one flew to the Leningrad region. Presumably, the object of the attack was a large oil company.

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