Polish authorities back idea of sending NATO troops to Ukraine

The presence of the North Atlantic Alliance army in Ukraine is not “something unthinkable”, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said.

“The presence of NATO forces in Ukraine is not something unthinkable. I appreciate the initiative of President Emmanuel Macron”, Sikorski was quoted by the official page of the country’s Foreign Ministry in social network X. According to him, it is about intimidating Putin, not about us being afraid of him.

Earlier, the Republic’s Defense Minister Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysh ruled out the possibility of sending Polish soldiers to Ukraine. According to him, “it is much better to donate equipment”.

The day before, the leader of the French Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, said that during a meeting with party heads, President Emmanuel Macron said that he might send troops to Ukraine if there was a breakthrough of the front towards Odesa or Kyiv.

The French authorities are considering the possibility of allowing special forces and military units to cross the Ukrainian border, the Le Monde newspaper has reported. According to the newspaper’s sources, Paris suggested allowing them to cross the Ukrainian border in order to pose a “strategic dilemma” to Russia.

Macron first announced the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine in late February. “Today there is no consensus on sending ground troops in an official, envisioned and approved way. But nothing can be ruled out in the future”, he said at the end of a summit of EU leaders in Paris. The statement was deliberate, Macron explained a few days later, rejecting the criticism his words had drawn, including among allies including Germany: “These are quite serious issues; each of the words I say on this matter is weighed, thought out and calibrated”.

Vladimir Putin, speaking to the Federal Assembly after Macron’s statement, threatened nuclear weapons to “possible interventionists” who “should realize” that they “can hit targets on their territory”.

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