Putin promised not to carry out a second wave of mobilization

In Russia there is no need to conduct a second wave of mobilization after the drafting of 300 thousand people in the fall of 2022 and mass recruitment of “volunteers” and contract workers. This was stated by Vladimir Putin during the TV show “The results of the year”.

According to him, at the moment 1.5 thousand people every day sign contracts with the Ministry of Defense, which has launched a large-scale recruiting campaign since the beginning of spring.

Together with “volunteers,” “up to half a million people” will be recruited into the army by the end of the year, Putin said. “Why do we need mobilization? As of today, there is no need for it,” he emphasized.

According to Putin, 244,000 mobilized men are now in the combat zone and they are “fighting perfectly well”. Among them are 14 heroes of Russia, the “president” said.

According to US intelligence, by early December 2023, the losses of the Russian army in Ukraine, including killed and wounded, reached 315 thousand people. This is 90% of the personnel of the army that the Kremlin has assembled to launch an invasion in February 2022. U.S. intelligence estimated its strength at 360,000 soldiers.

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