Ukraine launches missile strike on Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol

Ukraine’s armed forces have launched a missile strike on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, “city governor” Mikhail Razvozhayev has said.

“On the headquarters of the fleet the enemies launched a missile strike. Near the Lunacharsky Theater fell a shrapnel. A big request when you find such elements – do not approach and call 112,” – wrote in his Telegram channel Razvozhayev.

He asked residents not to post photos and videos. He also reported about the fire started in the building of the fleet headquarters.

According to the Crimean Channel, eight missiles were launched across the peninsula. Razvozhayev warned of another attack. “Please do not travel to the city center. Do not leave the buildings. Everyone who is near the fleet headquarters – at the sound of the siren, proceed to shelters”, he wrote.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported five missiles shot down and the death of one serviceman, but later clarified that he was missing. “As a result of the attack, the historic headquarters building of the Black Sea Fleet was damaged”, the military ministry said in a summary.

In the morning, maritime passenger transport was suspended in Sevastopol. The Russian Defense Ministry reported an attack by the AFU with aircraft guided missiles. At the same time, the air defense forces on duty near the western coast managed to shoot down one missile and two airplane-type drones.

Before that, Ukraine attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet twice: on July 31, 2022, the day of the Russian Navy, and on August 20 of the same year. Both attacks were carried out with the help of drones, which did not cause significant damage. There were no casualties either.

Over the past month, Ukraine has destroyed two S-400 launchers in Crimea by “blinding” their radars with drones and hitting them with Neptun naval cruise missiles. This approach allowed the AFU to open up the peninsula’s air defense.

Through the “holes” formed in it, the naval base in Sevastopol could be attacked: on September 13, a ship and a submarine were damaged, possibly with the help of Storm Shadow missiles. The loss of some of the S-400 installations made Russian targets in Crimea more vulnerable to strikes by these missiles, which Ukraine received from the UK, according to military expert David Hambling.

At the same time, as Novaya Gazeta wrote, even after the first drone attacks on the Black Sea Fleet headquarters, some of its services were moved from Sevastopol to Novorossiysk.

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