Annexed Crimea has been massively attacked by drones

On the night of September 21, explosions were heard in annexed Crimea, UNIAN wrote. Eyewitnesses reported a drone raid on the airfield in Novofedorivka, later there was a powerful explosion. There were also reports of “flashes” near Gvardiyske.

Telegram-channel “Crimean wind” subscribers reported that explosions were also heard in Yevpatoriya and Saki, the air defense was operating. In addition, explosions were heard in Sevastopol, Chornomorske and in the area of Simferopol.

Russian war correspondents Kotenok and Pegov wrote about the massive Ukrainian UAV attack on Crimea – one of the largest ever. They noted that no official data had been received yet.

“Advisor to the head of Crimea” Oleg Kryuchkov at 02:05 asked in Telegram all Crimeans to remain calm. He promised to report on the situation on the peninsula later.

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