Police in Moscow ordered to search for those who are not registered with military service

In Moscow, police officers have been ordered to search for citizens not registered for military service in order to send their data to military enlistment offices, the Baza Telegram channel writes with reference to a document signed by the deputy chief of the Moscow police.

According to it, police patrol service officers should identify citizens obliged to be on military registration. To do this, they are instructed to check the corresponding mark in the passport. If such a mark is not found, the citizen is ordered to be detained and brought to the police station.

The police officer will have to write down the data of the detainee and send them to the military enlistment office at the place of residence so that the officers of the enlistment office can register the person. At the same time, the detainee will also be given a referral to the military enlistment office.

According to Baza sources, the police will focus on those who have recently obtained Russian citizenship.

Earlier in the regions, law enforcers began to conduct raids to identify migrants who have obtained Russian citizenship, who have not entered the military register or evade conscription into the army.

For example, in Chelyabinsk OMON and Rosgvardia came to check documents at the Chinese market, in Novosibirsk special forces visited the Khiloksky market, and in Lipetsk OMON soldiers surrounded a detention center for prisoners, mistaking it for a migrant settlement.

In St. Petersburg, police took more than 100 foreigners with dual citizenship to the military enlistment office after a raid on the Sofia vegetable store. Failure to register for military service was also detected in Chuvashia and Belgorod Region.

According to Russian law, a foreigner obtaining Russian citizenship must register for military service within two weeks of registration at the place of residence. The head of the Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeyev, has previously suggested that Russian passports should be issued to foreigners simultaneously with military registration, as they “forget” to do it themselves.

From October 1, failure to report to the military registration office “information about moving to a new place of stay, not confirmed by registration” will be punishable by a fine from 1000 to 5000 rubles. In case of failure to report the same data during the period of conscription – from 10,000 to 20,000 rubles.

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