Latvia is thinking about mining the border with Belarus

The Latvian Defense Ministry proposes to strengthen the eastern border with anti-tank mines, tank teeth, reinforced concrete structures and other obstacles. This was announced by Defense Minister Inara Murniece, presenting an updated concept of state defense.

Murniece emphasized the need to strengthen the border both militarily and technically. The authorities plan to study the terrain in order to determine the most effective measures to restrict traffic on different parts of the border. A working group, which will include specialists from the interior and defense ministries, has been set up to coordinate efforts.

“The Interior Ministry is responsible for building the fence, installing sensors, cables, and this should be done as soon as possible. But the border should be arranged from the military point of view as well, because we see how quickly the situation in Belarus is developing”, emphasized the Minister.

Tension between Belarus and bordering Western countries has increased after the arrival of Wagner PMC. Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia demanded from Belarus to expel the mercenaries. In case of “critical incidents”, these countries threatened to completely close the borders.

“President of Belarus” Aleksandr Lukashenko rejected these demands. “The answer is simple: there should not be a single foreign soldier in Poland, Lithuania or other Baltic countries. Then we can also make claims about the presence of servicemen from other countries here”, Lukashenko said, calling such demands “unreasonable and stupid”.

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