Britain is ready to recognize PMC “Wagner” as a terrorist organization

The British authorities intend to recognize the Wagner PMC as a terrorist organization, the relevant bill will be submitted to Parliament.

“Continued destabilizing activities of Wagner PMC serve only political goals of the Kremlin. They are terrorists”, – said the head of the British Foreign Ministry Suella Braverman.

The fact that Britain intends to put Wagnerites on the list of terrorists became known back in the spring.

According to the Times newspaper, after the failed mutiny in late June, the British authorities postponed the issue because Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statements that the mercenaries were financed from the Russian budget could carry additional diplomatic and legal risks.

In late July, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons of the British Parliament criticized the government for the lack of a clear strategy to combat the Wagner PMC.

In late August, the Financial Times reported that Britain would recognize Wagner as terrorists in the coming weeks.

After that, participation in the activities of the organization, support, wearing symbols and attending PMC events will become criminal offenses in Britain.

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