Germany to send Ukraine “superdrones” with silent launches

Germany is going to transfer to the AFU the latest Luna NG drones with the ability to launch silently on any terrain. The drones can perform reconnaissance and strike missions, Bild reported.

The Luna NG (New Generation) is a new development by Rheinmetall that surpasses the previous model in all key parameters. These drones have the ability to not only perform reconnaissance, but also to establish LTE networks, as well as intercept communications and generate interference.

The drone system includes a ground control station, several drones, a launch catapult and military trucks. It is the catapult that allows the Luna NG to be silently launched on any terrain.

The drones weigh 40 kg and can stay in the air for up to 8 hours, covering a distance of 100 km and climbing to an altitude of up to 5 km. The control system is so automated that no previous drone control experience is required to master it.

The value of the contract is not named. In 2019, nine similar systems were going to buy Berlin for 130 million euros. It was planned that the first devices would be deployed in the German army in the same year. The Bundeswehr also plans to get a strike version of the drones. However, the German government must first adopt rules for the use of armed drones.

Rheinmetall plans to launch production of armored vehicles in Ukraine within three. The construction of the plant will cost 200m euros and its capacity will be 400 vehicles per year.

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