Zelensky: Ukraine does not need US military bases

Ukraine does not seek the placement of US military or other foreign bases on its territory. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said this in an interview with the Argentine publication La Nacion, emphasizing that after the war and in case of joining NATO, the AFU will be able to ensure the security of its own country and partners.

“Some states, like the Baltic States, would be happy to have the Ukrainian army on their territory for their defense, but after the war. We do not need bases either from the United States or from other partner countries”, the Ukrainian president said, commenting on Ukraine’s aspirations to become a NATO member.

Zelensky called statements that NATO is now fighting the Russian army in Ukraine incorrect. According to the Ukrainian president, this narrative is promoted by Moscow. “They cannot understand how such a small army can resist such a big one as theirs”, Zelensky said. In his opinion, such statements serve as an attempt to justify efforts that do not bring results.

Speaking about the benefits of joining NATO, Zelensky noted that Ukraine’s membership in the bloc would also secure other countries bordering Russia. “There is no war in the regions where NATO bases are located. Our attitude is that NATO was created not to attack, but to liberate our territory. NATO is an association for the sake of security, and there is no war on its territory”, Zelensky said.

Speaking about international aid, Zelensky said that Kyiv gratefully accepts not only arms from partners. “Not all states can support us with weapons because of their legislation or simply because they do not have them. It can be humanitarian aid, systems, drinking water equipment, we had serious problems with electricity”, he said. “I think to understand how to help, we need to understand what is happening, what are the consequences of the war, to understand that this is unprovoked aggression on our territory”, Zelensky added.

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