Zelensky announced the return of war on Russian territory

The war started by Moscow against Ukraine is moving back to the territory of the Russian Federation. This was announced by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, addressing citizens on the results of the 522nd day of the war. He noted that the Russian military had “gone bankrupt on the battlefield”, while the Ukrainian army was growing stronger.

“Today is the 522nd day as the so-called “special military operation” continues, which the Russian leadership counted on for a week or two. Ukraine is getting stronger. The war is gradually returning to the territory of Russia – to its symbolic centers and military bases, and this is an inevitable, natural and absolutely fair process”, Zelensky said, commenting on the preparation of the Ukrainian energy sector for winter.

The Ukrainian president warned citizens against possible actions by the Russian military during the winter period. He recalled last year’s “energy terror”, which, according to him, may be repeated this year as well.

“We should realize that both last year and this winter Russian terrorists can hit our energy sector, critical facilities”, Zelensky added.

On the morning of July 30, the Russian Defense Ministry announced a drone attack on Moscow and occupied Crimea. According to Russian authorities, allegedly 16 vehicles were shot down over the peninsula by air defense systems, while another nine were suppressed by electronic warfare.

According to the Russian military, one of the drones over Moscow was shot down, while the other two fell on the grounds of the Moscow-City complex, where Russian ministries’ offices are located. One person was injured in the incident.

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