Poland sent snipers to the border with Belarus

Poland is taking additional security measures on its border with Belarus following news of the deployment of mercenaries of Wagner private military company (PMC) to the area. The situation was discussed by representatives of the Polish government and the head of the ruling Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, RMF24 reported.

The Polish Armed Forces General Command tweeted that snipers were patrolling along the border. “Snipers are masters of reconnaissance, navigation, and weapons work. They are characterized by self-confidence, patience”, the publication said. Warsaw assured that snipers regularly train both day and night to ensure maximum efficiency of actions in the face of possible threats.

Government Commissioner for Information Space Security of Poland Stanislav Zharin said that the border with Belarus “remains dangerous”: local patrols face attacks of “aggressive foreigners”. He accused the Belarusian authorities not only of attempts to smuggle migrants across the border, but also of providing them with equipment. Poland sees this as part of hybrid warfare: the migration flow is called a tool to destabilize the situation on NATO’s eastern border.

July 29, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warned of a potential threat from the mercenaries of Wagner PMC, who moved in the direction of the Suwalki corridor. This land territory is between Belarus and Kaliningrad region and is located on the section of the border between Poland and Lithuania.

“They are begging to go west: “Allow us!”. I say: “Why do you want to go west there?”.. We control what happens. “Well, we’ll go on a tour to Warsaw and Rzeszow”. But Rzeszow is unacceptable to them. […] they know where the military equipment came from. They have this inside them: Rzeszow is trouble. […] I wouldn’t want to redeploy them there. Because they have bad moods,” said the Belarusian president.

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