Mothers and Wives Council has announced it will cease operations

Mothers and Wives Council, organized by relatives of mobilized and conscripts, announced the cessation of work after its recognition as a “foreign agent”. This was announced by the head of the Council Olga Tsukanova in a video message on YouTube.

“We do not want to act further with this stigma, because in this form it is humiliating for women. We have decided that in the form in which the “Council of mothers and wives” worked all these months can not exist,” – said Tsukanova.

According to her, the organization does not recognize itself as a “foreign agent” and refuses to put the appropriate marking.

Tsukanova said it would continue its activities together with other Council members. “We will still each stand up for justice where we are,” she added.

Council, as well as Tsukanova herself, were put on the list of “foreign agents” in May. The woman said that during the appeal process it turned out that the reason for the inclusion in the register of the council was a repost of a publication of a media outlet recognized as a “foreign agent”.

According to the Justice Ministry, Tsukanova “opposed the special military operation in Ukraine, formed a negative attitude towards military service, participated in the creation and distribution of materials of foreign agents for an unlimited number of people”.

Mothers and Wives Council appeared after the announcement of mobilization in Russia in the fall of 2022. Its members appealed to the military leadership of the Russian Federation with demands to solve problems with the supply of mobilized soldiers, as well as to deal with cases of illegal sending conscripts to war.

The activists also sought a meeting with “Russian President” Vladimir Putin. In November 2022, the Kremlin organized such a meeting, but the representatives of the Council  were not invited to it. Tsukanova was detained several times and complained of surveillance.

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