Kremlin declined to comment on air defense performance after new drone attack on Moscow

The Kremlin is not going to issue additional orders to strengthen defenses after the drone attacks that took place in Moscow on July 24. Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov assured that security forces are already on standby, Interfax reported.

When asked by journalists about the need for additional instructions from the president, Peskov replied in the negative: “They are hardly required here. Everyone involved in ensuring the security of our regions, they are all on alert. Everyone is taking measures”. He attributed the increased intensity of attempts to attack Russian regions with drones to the need for additional security measures.

Journalists recalled the previous drone attack on Moscow, after which President Putin instructed to improve the air defense system (air defense). “This is a question that is more related to the specialized agency – the Ministry of Defense”, Peskov replied.

The Kremlin spokesman confirmed that the two drones that attacked Moscow were neutralized, indicating the work of the security agencies. Questions about further development of the defense system and improvement of air defense should be addressed directly to the Defense Ministry, he concluded.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported about the unsuccessful attack of 17 Ukrainian drones on objects in Crimea. An attempt to strike two drones at facilities in Moscow was also foiled. The drones hit “two non-residential buildings” – “no serious damage or casualties”.

Before that, the Russian authorities reported about a drone attack on Moscow on July 4 – it was about four devices that were shot down on approach.

The largest strike on the capital was a drone raid on May 30: then three apartment buildings in the southwest of the city were damaged, several drones fell on Rublyovka – near the residence of Vladimir Putin and the mansions of his cronies. The Russian Defense Ministry said that eight UAVs were involved in the attack, five of which were shot down.

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