Russians will be 100 times more fined for failure to appear in the military enlistment office

The Russian State Duma has prepared a package of amendments that will radically increase fines for citizens who evade attending military enlistment offices and serving in the army.

According to the draft, which was approved by the Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation on Thursday, the fine for failure to appear on a summons without a valid one will be increased to 40-50 thousand rubles. The changes are made to Article 21.5 of the Russian Code of Administrative Offenses, which now allows fines of 500 to 3 thousand rubles. Thus, the maximum increase in the fine will be a hundredfold.

Fines for refusal of medical examination will be increased 5-50 times, up to 15-25 thousand rubles (now it is 500 – 3 thousand rubles).

At the same time, fines are introduced for citizens for failure to report to the military commission information about changes in marital status, education, place of work (study) or position; information about moving to a new place of residence, not confirmed by registration. For this they will have to pay 10-20 thousand rubles.

The same fines are introduced for leaving the place of residence or stay for more than three months during the period of conscription.

At the same time, liability is introduced for legal entities for failure to submit to military registration offices lists of employees subject to military registration. Fines for companies will amount to 350-400 thousand rubles, and for officials will increase 13-50 times – up to 40-50 thousand rubles (now it is 1-3 thousand).

The same penalty is established for failure to notify citizens of a summons from the military commissariat, including by electronic summons, as well as for failure to ensure the possibility of timely attendance at such a summons.

In addition, the amendments introduce a new article of the Administrative Offences Code (19.38) – failure to assist military commissariats in their mobilization work when mobilization is announced. Legal entities will have to pay from 400 to 500 thousand rubles, and officials – from 60 to 80 thousand rubles for failure to fulfill the obligation to timely notify citizens subject to conscription or failure to assist in such notification.

The law should come into force on October 1, 2023.

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