US proposes “Israeli model” of security guarantees for Ukraine

U.S. Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Jake Sullivan revealed at a briefing on July 9 what Washington means by the “Israeli model” of security guarantees for Ukraine. The briefing was broadcast on the White House’s YouTube channel (as reported by Kommersant).

According to Sullivan, Western countries should work out multilateral arrangements to provide bilateral security commitments. On the US side, this means a willingness to “provide various forms of military assistance, share intelligence and information, provide cyberspace support and other forms of material support so that Ukraine can both defend itself and deter future aggression”.

US President Joe Biden intends to discuss the “Israeli model” of security guarantees in Vilnius with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, G7 partners and other allies. This will be followed by a “dive into the details of these discussions and negotiations with Ukraine” to work out the terms of support. Ultimately, the issue will need to be negotiated with Congress, as such support “requires resources”.

The issue of providing Ukraine with security guarantees is being discussed against the backdrop of preparations for the NATO summit, which starts July 11 in Vilnius. Kyiv expects the summit to invite it to join the alliance, although it recognizes that it will not be able to become a member until the conflict with Russia is over.

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