Russia destroys more than 50 houses with missile strike on Lviv

On the night of July 6, the Russian army launched one of the largest missile attacks on Lviv since the beginning of the war.

According to the city’s mayor, Andrii Sadovy, more than 50 residential buildings were destroyed, there were dead and wounded, and hundreds of residents will need help.

“Now three [dead] people have been extracted from under the rubble. <…> Very big destruction: more than 50 housing units destroyed, entire residential buildings just had their roofs blown off, destruction in the office complex, destruction in the school, in the dormitory of the Lviv Polytechnic”, Sadovy said.

According to him, many rooms, apartments and cars were damaged. “It looks like hundreds and hundreds of residents will need our support”, the mayor added.

In one apartment building, the third and fourth floors in two entrances were destroyed by a rocket or its debris, said Igor Klymenko, head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry. “The search and rescue operation continues. As of 7:00 four people were killed, injured – 9. Employees of the State Emergencies Service rescued 7 people, evacuated – 64,” – said the minister details.

There are psychologists, along with rescuers, working at the site. There are also mobile police stations, which take applications from victims and provide the necessary assistance.

In addition, as a result of the missile attack on Lviv damaged critical infrastructure, said the head of the Lviv regional administration Maksym Kozytsky. Immediately after the strike, the city experienced power outages and problems with mobile communications, Ihor Zinkevich, a deputy of the Lviv City Council, wrote.

At the same time, he urged the citizens “to observe informational silence” and not to write about the Russian missile hits. “The number of hits or the number of casualties will be reported by the military administration after all the information is processed”, Zinkevich noted.

Ukrainian authorities and the military ask fellow citizens to write about the explosions only as “air defense work” so as not to help the enemy with information about the hits.

“There will definitely be a response to the enemy. Tangible”, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reacted to the consequences of the missile strike.

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