“We will use it”. Lukashenko refused to consider nuclear weapons received from Putin as Russian

Unrecognized by the West, President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko continues to insist that tactical nuclear weapons received from Russia will be under the control of the Belarusian military who will be able to make decisions about their use.

According to RBC, Lukashenko instructed Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin, Chief of the General Staff Viktor Gulevich, and KGB Chief Ivan Tertel to develop an algorithm for a nuclear strike in the event of an attack on Belarus.

When asked to explain how the nuclear warheads, which the Kremlin assured would remain under Russian control, would be used, Lukashenko stated that it made no sense to simply store warheads in Belarus.

“These are our weapons, and we will use them. And it’s just ludicrous to bring weapons, to place them. For what, for storage? The Russians have excellent storage facilities”, he explained.

“Do I need junk in some warehouse? – Lukashenko continued. – Well, let Russia keep these tactical weapons there. If it’s necessary – well, we’ll carry it an extra 500 kilometers there, we’ll use it. Or a plane will take off from Russia”.

According to Lukashenko, he insisted that the tactical nuclear missiles be placed in Belarus so that “no one would try”, because “no one has ever gone to war with a nuclear power”.

On March 25,  Vladimir Putin announced his intention to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus. The construction of a special storage facility for such missiles was scheduled for July 1. According to Putin, the decision was a response to the supply of depleted uranium shells to Ukraine because it was “somehow related to nuclear technology”.

In late April, Lukashenko said that Russia had begun delivering non-strategic nuclear weapons to the territory of Belarus. They may be placed on the border with Poland, said Russian Ambassador to Belarus Boris Gryzlov.

After the mutiny of Wagner PMC headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin, negotiations with which, according to the official version, were led by Lukashenko personally, the unappointed president of Belarus said that a significant part of nuclear missiles has already arrived in the country. At the same time, Lukashenko assured that the Wagner forces that Putin suggested “to go to Belarus” will not be involved in the protection of the nuclear arsenal.

“The Russians and the Belarusians guard it. We work together. We have no such experience. Russians are maintaining it. We help maintain these nuclear weapons. It turns out it’s not an easy event”, Lukashenko said.

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