Khodorkovsky urged to support Prigozhin’s rebellion

Mikhail Khodorkovsky said that Prigozhin’s rebellion is the strongest blow to Putin’s reputation. He wrote about it in his Telegram channel.

Khodorkovsky noted that in his Friday interview, Prigozhin “word for word repeated” the theses of the anti-war opposition: the purpose of the war – theft, NATO did not intend to attack Russia, the real enemy is not in Kyiv, but in Moscow.

“What we can do now to help our country is to help people hear Prigozhin, as long as he tells the truth (horror, what am I saying!). And if he goes to Moscow, prevent him from being stopped. If one criminal is willing to stop another, this is not the time to twist the muzzle. Now we have to help, and then, if necessary, we will fight with this, too”, wrote Khodorkovsky.

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