Residents of Belgorod region complained about looting by Russian military

Russian servicemen invade homes and steal personal belongings in villages in Belgorod Region from which the authorities removed local residents.

“They live in our houses, lead an ugly lifestyle, alcohol and other things are left in the form of garbage and dirt, toilets and houses are fouled, personal belongings and property are stolen”, a resident of Novaya Tavolzhanka in the Shebekinsky urban district complained to the regional governor.

According to her, Russian soldiers stole a quad bike from her garage, which “is now often seen near Novaya Tavolzhanka”. They also stole a car trailer. “We don’t want our homes, which have already suffered from the actions of the AFU, to now be another haven for the outrages of our defenders!” – emphasized the woman.

Another resident of Belgorod Oblast noted that many people don’t leave their homes “if only because there are such critters who take out everything, down to a hair iron”.

Previously, residents of Ukrainian settlements that were subjected to occupation told about looting by the Russian army. In addition to torture, rape, and murder, the Russian military stole any property: furniture, equipment, clothing, spare parts, and tools.

After fleeing from Kyiv, the Russian military sent looted property home via SDEK in Belarus. The weight of the parcels ranged from 50 to 450 kilograms. At least 69 senders were identified. The packages went to Moscow, Chita, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Pskov, Birobidzhan, and other Russian cities.

Since late May, Ukrainian saboteurs have been attacking the border areas of Belgorod Oblast, and the urban district of Shebekino was subjected to massive shelling. The evacuation of local residents was announced in 15 settlements of the region, where a state of emergency was imposed, as well as in the town of Shebekino and the settlement of Shebekinsky.

The evacuees were promised a lump sum payment of 10 thousand rubles. Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported that 34 thousand people had already received money. However, most residents complain about the lack of promised payments. The authorities respond that only those residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed and those who “cannot return to their homes because of the daily heavy shelling” are entitled to the payment.

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