Duma urged to prepare for new reality after drone attack on Moscow

The drone squadron raid on Moscow on Tuesday morning is a “new reality” that has to be realized, said State Duma deputy Aleksandr Khinstein. According to him, there is no doubt that Ukraine’s sabotage and terrorist attacks will only increase.
It is de facto impossible to defend against them, said Andrei Kartapolov, head of the Duma Defense Committee. “We have a very large country, and there will always be a loophole where a drone can fly through, bypassing the areas where air defense facilities are located”, – he explained.
Kartapolov noted that the drones did not cause serious damage to residential houses and all state and military objects remained unharmed, so the main thing is not to cause panic. The deputy said: “This is an information campaign, for the most part. It is designed to create a wave of panic. The main thing is to prevent it. This is an act of intimidation aimed at the civilian population”.
According to unconfirmed information, Moscow was attacked by over 30 UAVs. Some of the drones were shot down, but several hit three residential buildings. The first UAV crashed into the 25th floor of a house on Atlasov Street in New Moscow. There was a family with a five-year-old child in the apartment, but no one was hurt, writes Shot. The second drone attacked an apartment building on Profsoyuznaya Street. It crashed into the window of an apartment on the 16th floor. The UAV carried a shaped charge. A third apartment building, a 30-story building, was attacked by a drone on Leninsky Prospekt. Two people sought medical help.
Drones also fell in the village of Ilyinsky and the village of Timoshkino in Krasnogorsk District, the villages of Razdory and Romashkovo in Odintsovо District, and the village of Greenfield in Istra District.
The Russian Defense Ministry said that eight unmanned aerial vehicles participated in the attack and all were hit: five UAVs were shot down by the Pantsir-S anti-aircraft system in the Moscow Region and three more were suppressed by electronic warfare means
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