Survivors of “saboteurs” left Belgorod Oblast on captured trophies

On the night of May 23, the governor of Belgorod Oblast, Vyacheslav Gladkov, reported in his Telegram about three shelling of the border village of Borisovka with a population of 12.5 thousand people in three hours.
At 23:31 and 0:28 Gladkov spoke about drones dropping explosive devices on administrative buildings. In addition, also on the night of May 23, two residential buildings in Grayvoron were shelled. In all cases, there were no casualties.
It should be reminded that on May 22, the district of Greivoron in the Belgorod region was attacked by a sabotage and reconnaissance group (SRG). According to Kommersant, eight people were injured and houses, a kindergarten and the district administration building were damaged. The Ukrainian authorities denied any involvement in the invasion.
An anti-terrorist operation was imposed in the region to destroy the attackers and Internet and mobile communications were jammed.
The Russian Armed Forces together with the Border Guard Service, Rosgvardiya, and the FSB were involved in the “liquidation” and “squeezing out” of the SRG.
According to the Russian service of The Moscow Times, the group was made up of members of the Russian Legion of Freedom and the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVK).
At least 39 saboteurs were killed and five more were taken prisoner, Baza wrote. Neither the RVK nor the Russian Legion of Freedom reported casualties in their ranks, but boasted of an armored personnel carrier taken out as a trophy.
The Russian Defense Ministry did not comment on the situation.
Meanwhile, in Belgorod on May 22, a drone dropped an explosive device on the building of the regional FSB, the pro-Kremlin Telegram channel Rybar and SOTA wrote. There are reports that a department of the Interior Ministry was attacked.
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