The UFSB of Sverdlovsk has already detained 20 “saboteurs”, one of them a janitor

Employees of the Sverdlovsk UFSB detained in the fall of 2022 a 59-year-old native of Ukraine, who changed his citizenship to Russian in 2014, but the details have only been revealed now, Kasparov.Ru correspondent reported on May 22 with reference to the official representative of the UVS in the Sverdlovsk region Alina Kazantseva.
According to the UFSB, the man set up a bunker in the basement of the house. During the search they found homemade rockets made from improvised materials. The detainee was constantly upgrading them and testing them in the woods.
It is stated that the detainee allegedly planned to use them to attack Uralvagonzavod, which manufactures tanks, the sabotage being prepared was psychological in nature. The saboteur did not plan to cause serious damage to the enterprise, but wanted to intimidate the workers.
In addition, according to FSB investigators, the man planned to set fire to the military registration and enlistment office in Nizhny Tagil. The criminal cases were opened against him under Part 1 of Article 30, paragraph “a” of Part 2 of Article 205 of the Criminal Code (preparation of an act of terrorism) and Part 3 of Article 30, paragraph 1 of Article 223. The cases were opened against him under Article 223.1(1) of the Criminal Code (attempted unlawful manufacturing of explosives).
The E1.Ru edition wrote: “In the video of the interrogation, published by the Sverdlovsk FSB, the man says: “I can say that I did not plan anything bad. I just wanted to make fireworks. I am in opposition, politically”.
The suspect is a native of Mariupol, and in Nizhny Tagil he worked as a janitor at the local hospital.
His wife Svetlana believes that he is not guilty of anything and the investigation was mistaken. According to a source of E1.Ru, the man’s name is Viktor Rastorguev. His wife and acquaintances characterize him positively.
Earlier, the press service of the UFSB in the Sverdlovsk region reported that since the beginning of the “special operation” in Ukraine, law enforcement officers have suppressed the activities of eight sabotage and intelligence groups, whose members were planning to commit a series of terrorist acts and sabotage in the territories of the Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions. Reportedly:
“A total of 20 persons have been detained, 13 criminal cases have been initiated and are being investigated.The saboteurs were targeting critical infrastructure facilities, the defense-industrial complex, government and military commissariat buildings”.
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