Penza entrepreneurs are forced to pour milk into the ravine and sewer

In the Penza region, a rural entrepreneur is forced to pour milk into sewers or ravines due to the refusal to accept it by processing companies, a correspondent of Kasparov.Ru reported on May 10.
A video showing a businessman in the village of Buzovlevo pouring milk from a milk truck into a ravine drew a wide response from the residents of Penza Region. As it later became known, the individual entrepreneur – the owner of the collection point – accepted this milk from local residents, paid for the product, but no dairy plant took it for processing.
He poured out several tons of milk in April alone. When asked why he could not sell milk directly to consumers, the entrepreneur said that he had no right to do so, because the milk had not undergone thermal processing, for which he had no production facilities – there was only a receiving facility with cooling and filtration.
At the same time, the businessman continues to accept milk from private farms at a loss – he does not want to put people in a difficult situation, who are tied to his farm and milk is their only source of income.
Olga Lapshina, head of the Lopatinskiy district administration, reacted to the situation by saying that the issue of milk sales from private farmsteads is solved at the level of the regional Ministry of Agriculture.
It should be noted that this case is not unique among Penza rural entrepreneurs. Products of dairy companies in Penza region are losing their reputation in the eyes of local consumers not only because of the presence of palm oil in its composition. Drinking milk, which Penza plants supply to retail chains, is often made from dried milk imported from outside the region, and it is sold in retail chains at a relatively high price.
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